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About Riella's

With over 35 years combined in the Restaurant & Pizzeria industry with stores in Oceanside, Mineola, and Huntington, we felt it was time to focus all our attention on one location that could showcase all of the knowledge and skills attained over the years. The first step was finding a neighborhood location where we could build a family type atmosphere and deliver the traditional Italian homestyle cooking that we know and love. 


We use the phrase "Homestyle is Family Style" because the atmosphere at Riellas is much like our own home. Many of the items on our menu are dishes and recipes, which have been with our family for years. Just about everything we serve is prepared fresh in house starting from our peaches and wine all the way down to our desserts.


Quality is never sacrificed as we only use the best ingredients available to us. While quality is always there, one thing that cannot be replaced is the love put into every aspect of our business. Our goal is to make every person who walks through our door feel as if they are part of our Riellas Family.  


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